Overlord museum


The story of Otto Funk and the 12th SS Panzer division in Rots, June 1944

A while ago I was asked to help in recreating this famous photoseries.

On the photograph taken in Rots we see Otto Funk and his unit after an assault on arguably one of the most famous serie of photographs taken in Normandy. They were to follow up on the attack at Norrey en Bessin on June 9, 1944. It’s a famous photo because we see a young Waffen-SS soldier with a ‘Thousand Yard Stare’. Otto Funk was only 18 years old at that time, had been fighting continuously for days.

The unit we see on the various photos made in the alley in Rots are from the 15. (Aufklärungs ) Kompanie/ SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25 der 12. SS-Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend”, which consisted mainly out of 16-18 year old boys. The division was infamous for their viciousness and was thrown into battle in the action around Normandy during the D-Day landings from June 1944 onwards. These young soldiers were often fanatical in their fighting, and although they were young, they were well armed and well indoctrinated in the Nazi cause. The battle for Normandy took a large toll on the division and came out of the Falaise pocket with 12,000 men falling to the numerically superior allied invasion forces. 

Photoshoot of Otto Funk.

Also some of the other members of the unit from the photoserie were recreated in the display.

This mannequin is inspired by the photo of Klaus Schuh.

This mannequin is inspired by the photo of Wilhelm Boigk.

This mannequin is inspired by the photo of Max Wünsche.

The current display in the Overlord museum in Normandy