Welcome to my website. I’m specialized in painting mannequins for World War II displays. Having a good mannequin makes your setup or diorama come to life. It adds the last touch and is the difference between looking good and looking amazing. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

My Portfolio

Hello my name is Otto

Many years ago I started painting mannequins. However the available mannequins where not to my liking.
They were often too big, very symmetric and had no character, basically they told no stories. I often saw very rare and expensive uniforms on badly painted, pale mannequins without any expression. I wanted to do things differently. Looking for a good way to display my own uniform collection, I found some good mannequins and I painted them to make the display more lifelike. When other collector friends saw my work they asked if I could paint their mannequins like mine.
A new hobby was born…..